Etnu Outreach

Increase your reply rate 2x by landing in the inbox (not spam).

Send cold emails, automate follow-ups, and get real responses.
No credit card required.
Free credits included.
EtnuWarmup is used by 300,000+ professionals and chosen by leading companies.

Your message will get seen by prospects

More emails landing in prospect inboxes

Automate your cold outreach

Connect with more prospects, book more meetings, and generate more sales.
Surface quality leads

Shows your most engaged leads so you can focus on leads that will convert.

Pipeline-Focused Analytics

Manage your team performance with opens, replies, and click metrics at a glance..

LinkedIn Automation

Send messages automatically on LinkedIn for multi-channel social selling.

LinkedIn Automation

Send messages automatically on LinkedIn for multi-channel social selling.

Record Breaking Speed to Green Your Reps

Add our real-time email checker to your current HTML forms by just copying and pasting a few lines of code. No custom coding needed.

Purpose-Built for Outreach Deliverability

Many prospecting tools that have a million bells and whistles, yet they don’t focus on deliverability. Mailshake has multiple deliverability tools built in, plus the power of all the other features you actually use.

Analytics to Improve Opens, Replies, and Clicks

See your individual or team analytics at a glance. Quickly spot top-performing reps and help coach the entire team.

Easily Connects to the Tools You Already Use

Connect quickly to your email provider, CRM, or other tools. Spend less time on admin and more time selling.

Etnu Connects

The emails get to where you need them to go


Make every message you send feel real and personal.


Etnu integrates with your inbox and sends opening emails and follow-ups from there. You step in when the contact responds.

Delivered Emails

The more emails that reach the inbox and not spam the better. And this is where Woodpecker really delivers!

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